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OPW dispensing pistol

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ZVA refueling gun

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Bennett U101-A fuel volume meter

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Bennett U102-A vane pump

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380V explosion-proof electric motor

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Pulse sensor U501-A

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Double acting solenoid valve U401-A

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Hinge for pistol U607-A

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Terminal box U613-B

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Microswitch U206-A

SKU: U206A

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Split coupling of the fuel gun

SKU: razr_mufta

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Components for fuel dispensers can include various elements:

Pumps: The choice of pumps depends on the type of fuel and its throughput. There are two types of pumps such as gear pumps and vane pumps.

Fluid meters: These are designed to accurately measure the volume of fuel dispensed during each refueling operation.

Filters: Filters play an important role in preventing fuel contamination. They can be mechanical or with water separators depending on the requirements.

Electric motors: These are used to drive pumps and can be of different types and capacities depending on the specifications of the pumping systems.

Stop valves and others.

There are different models and manufacturers for each of these components, each of which may have its own features and characteristics. It is important to choose components that are compatible with a specific model of the fuel dispenser and meet safety and quality standards.