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Level gauges for gas stations SYW-A Reed switch


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32 000 грн.34 000 грн.

DU-100 filling hatch

SKU: DU-100

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2 964 грн.4 020 грн.

Measuring cylinder 1 liter

SKU: 18170

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4 200 грн.

Measuring cylinder 2 l

SKU: 18162

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4 500 грн.

Fuel level measuring rod MHS type

SKU: 17125

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4 470 грн.4 860 грн.

Measuring tape for petroleum products

SKU: 17114

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3 000 грн.3 300 грн.

AutoScan package dimensions and weight measurement system

SKU: 17147

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75 000 грн.87 000 грн.

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The functioning of gas stations also requires compliance with technical requirements. NVF Gerkon LLC offers a wide selection of gas station equipment at low prices in Ukraine. Here you will find: fuel dispensers, gauges, components. All our products meet high quality standards, we have been working on the gas station equipment market in Ukraine for more than 26 years.


Measuring equipment manufactured by our company , will be made of high-quality grades of stainless steel. Meters may differ in size, purpose, and type. In the Gerkon online store you will find:

  • 1st and 2nd class technical meters;
  • 1st and 2nd class reference meters;
  • gas meters;
  • measuring cylinders.

Each option requires measurements of the volume of liquid. Depending on the class and discharge, the percentage of error of the measured volume is determined.


TRK produced by the company "Gerkon" can be conventionally divided into two main types: departmental and commercial. The purpose of departmental TRCs is reduced to the accounting of fuel issued within the enterprise. Commercial fuel dispensers are placed at gas stations for cash and non-cash fuel sales.

Departmental fuel dispensers:

  • mechanical counting device (roller type);
  • electronic indicator panel.

Departmental devices display only the volume of fuel dispensed. Control is carried out through the keyboard on the column itself or from the remote control, which can be in the operator's room.

Commercial TRCs are divided into:

  • number of sleeves from 1 to 10;
  • numbers of fuel types;
  • speed of fuel dispensing.

Commercial more suitable placements at gas stations. The dashboard displays fuel price, quantity and price data. Management is carried out by the operator. It is possible to connect to cash register equipment. In both cases, the choice is made depending on the intended purpose.


Accompanied and component products are presented in our online store, which are necessary to ensure the operation of the equipment. Types of components for fuel dispensers:

  • pumps;
  • liquid meters;
  • refueling gun;
  • dispensing gun;
  • engines, valves

Natural wear and tear of components leads to the need for their repair/replacement. We are ready to provide quality products.


Equipment purchased from our company is inspected at every stage of its production. High quality, guarantees and the possibility of service - all this we are ready to offer to customers. Submit an application and get a FREE consultation. As a manufacturer, we are ready to offer installation and delivery of products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We offer a wide range of equipment for gas stations, including fuel dispensers, fuel accounting systems, payment terminals, and much more.

Our equipment is distinguished by high quality, modern technologies, and reliability. We also provide service support and a warranty for our products.

We strive for prompt deliveries. Timelines may vary depending on the specific order, but we always aim to meet the client’s needs in the shortest possible time.

You can contact us by phone at +380503432426 or send a request to the email gerkon1948@gmail.com. Our team will be happy to assist you with any questions.

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