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Measurer M2r-10Gr

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7 200 грн.

Gauge M2r-20Gr

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7 720 грн.

Measurer M2r-50Gr

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12 000 грн.

Measurer M2r-100Gr

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16 500 грн.

Measurer M2r-200Gr

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29 700 грн.

Measurer M2r-500Gr

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44 700 грн.

Measurer M2r-750Gr

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60 900 грн.

Measurer M2r-1000Gr

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81 000 грн.

Measurer M2r-2000Gr

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132 000 грн.

Measurer M2r-2500Gr

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176 100 грн.

Measurer M2r-5000Gr

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240 000 грн.

Measurer M2r-2Gr

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5 370 грн.

Measurer M2r-5Gr

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5 850 грн.

Standard 2nd grade gauges have an uncertainty of +-(0.05-0.1)%, they are used to check fuel dispensers, dispensers, and tanks. Measurements of the volume of petroleum products, fuel, and gasoline are used.