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TRK one-armed Gerkon

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65 000 грн.83 000 грн.

TRK two-sleeve Gerkon

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110 000 грн.131 000 грн.

TRK eight-arm Gerkon

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305 000 грн.

TRK four-arm Gerkon

SKU: 4-rukav

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157 000 грн.

TRK six-arm Herkon

SKU: 6-rukavov

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228 000 грн.

NVF Gerkon LLC produces and sells:

Fuel dispensers of TRC “Gerkon”

– with an electronic indicator board;
– built-in keyboard with LCD for issuing a dose on the spot;
– remote control from remote control or computer;
– system of dispensing fuel according to maps, monitoring on our website.

– from 1 to 10 hoses, from 1 to 5 types of fuel with a consumption of 50 l/min. up to 130 l/min.;
– control from the PDA or cash register