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TRK one-armed Gerkon

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Fuel dispenser 1 sleeve

Small businesses often use a 1-sleeve gas station to refuel company vehicles. The single-arm fuel dispenser can be controlled remotely, has an outlet for connecting to the cash register. The throughput is 50 l/min. It is designed for the supply of gasoline and diesel fuel.

Arrangement of the TRK with 1 sleeve

Single-arm fuel dispensers are equipped in such a way to supply a relatively small amount of fuel. Information about the amount of liquid dispensed is displayed on the scoreboard (electronic). The 4-meter hose ensures comfortable operation. The column is managed by the operator.

Complete set of TRK

In the standard configuration, one sleeve TRK from the Gerkon company:
hydraulics (calculation on DP or gasoline);
up to sleeves for 1 type of fuel;
the ability to choose the color of the fuel gun;
4-meter fuel hose of Czech production;
the ability to store memory for 10 years;
liquid crystal display.

The pump is actuated by the belt drive of the engine. The supply of fuel from the main tank to the tank occurs due to the operation of the pump. The non-return valve prevents air from entering the tank, and the remaining fuel from spilling out after the pump stops working.

Application of TRC is practical

The equipment is used at private gas stations, and is also used in agriculture. Convenient accounting of gasoline and diesel fuel with the possibility of entering the results into the device’s memory for a long period.

Fuel dispensers from the Ukrainian manufacturer

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