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accuracy class ± 0.1% / nominal capacity 5000 liters / scale division price 5.0 dm3 / scale length ± 100 dm3 / weight no more than 500 kg

Our company manufactures gauges of all types and modifications from stainless steel, the company has been producing measuring equipment since 1998. and has experience in this field of production.

The meters are designed to determine the volume of liquids with an error of 0.02-0.5% depending on the modification of the meter, our measuring devices are used to measure the volume of liquids at gas stations, oil depots, metrology centers, wine production enterprises, alcohol, etc.

Measurement production ends with calibration or state verification, a calibration certificate or state verification certificate is issued with a mark in the Meter Operation Manual.

2nd-grade reference gauges have an uncertainty of +-(0.05-0.1)%, they are used to check fuel dispensers, dispensers, tanks.

1st grade reference gauges have an uncertainty of +- 0.02%, they are used to check 2nd grade reference gauges, 1st grade technical gauges.


1. Nominal capacity of gauges at a temperature of 293K (20C), Dm3 5000
2. The limits of the permissible relative error of the capacity for the temp. liquid and ambient air (20 ± 5)C, % nom. instead of. ±0.1
3. Scale division price, dm3 5.0
4. Scale length, dm3 ±100
5. Overall dimensions, mm, no more model 01 – w2500 d2300
6. Weight kg, no more model 01 – 500
7. Material stainless steel
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Warranty for products and services:
Guarantee for Gerkon fuel dispensers: 18 months;
Guarantee for Gerkon meters: 18 months;
Guarantee for Herkon measurements: 36 months;
Other Warranty: 12 months;
Warranty for the installation works of the TRK connection: 18 months;
The manufacturer guarantees the preservation, free replacement or repair of parts and components of the column that have failed due to the fault of the manufacturer, subject to the rules of transportation, storage and operation.

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