Console for level gauges, gas station, transfer to DFS

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Download PDF file: Software guide pls advance
Short description of the product:
Model: PLS advance
Operating System: Windows 10
Level gauge support: Gerkon, Alisonic, Start Italiana, Veeder-Root;
Fuel dispensers support: Protocol Gerkon, Hako;
Overall dimensions: 300x200x100 mm;
Warranty: 12 months;

We present to your attention a universal console for receiving data from level meters of various manufacturers, such as: Alisonic, Start Italiana, Veeder-Root and many others. What are the advantages of this console? Now you don’t need to overpay for expensive consoles from different manufacturers, the price of our console includes a set of all the necessary functions for working with level gauges at gas stations.

This device is fully adapted to the market of Ukraine, taking into account all the requirements of the state and works on the basis of the licensed Windows 10 operating system. The software was developed by the Gerkon company, so in the future we can provide technical support and update the software according to the needs and requirements of all our customers.

The main advantages of the Gerkon console:

1. Ability to connect the most popular level gauges on the market of Ukraine.
2. Support for work up to three levels of different manufacturers.
3. The possibility of transferring data to MEDOK.
4. The function of connecting flow meters (fuel dispensers).
5. Management of fuel dispensers.
6. Automatic calibration of tanks.
7. Fuel density control functions.
8. Personal account for viewing data online.
9. Controlling the console and viewing data from another computer.
10. Complete statistics of income and expenditure of oil products.

At the moment, the functionality of the software is expanding every day, it is possible to modify the software according to the requirements of the client or the specifics of your company. The cost of the software is included in the price of the console, we do not charge for additional modules. For additional information and questions, contact the specialists of our company!

Sending by Nova Poshta:
Delivery Type: Delivery to branch: Delivery Address: Money transfer:
Shipping cost: from UAH 70; delivery cost + UAH 35; delivery cost + 2% of the order cost + UAH 20;
Storage up to 30 days: The first 7 calendar days are FREE; From the 8th day - from UAH 10/day;
Self-delivery of goods:
Pick-up of goods is carried out at the address: Zaporizhia, st. Factory, 80/3; It is possible to pick up the goods on weekdays from 08:00 to 17:00;
General terms of payment:
Payment for legal entities. persons: To the bank account of the enterprise with VAT; Payment via new mail;
Payment for physical. persons: To the company's bank account; On the card; Cash; Payment via new mail;
Warranty for products and services:
Guarantee for Gerkon fuel dispensers: 18 months;
Guarantee for Gerkon meters: 18 months;
Guarantee for Herkon measurements: 36 months;
Other Warranty: 12 months;
Warranty for the installation works of the TRK connection: 18 months;
The manufacturer guarantees the preservation, free replacement or repair of parts and components of the column that have failed due to the fault of the manufacturer, subject to the rules of transportation, storage and operation.

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