AutoScan package dimensions and weight measurement system

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Download PDF file: Autoscan-80 Manual
Short description of the product:
Model: AS-50 AS-80
Maximum distance measured along the axis: 500mm; 800mm;
Maximum size of measured package: 500x500x500mm; 800x800x800mm;
Minimum measured distance along each axis: 30mm; 30mm;
Measurement accuracy: +-2mm; +-2mm;
Autonomous operation with batteries: up to 12 hours; up to 12 hours;
Device weight: 10kg; 15kg;
Overall dimensions: 700x650x200 mm; 1030x970x200 mm;
Warranty: 12 months; 12 months;

The new model has the ability to operate without electricity, and its autonomous life is ensured by a built-in Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 9 Ah, which allows continuous operation of Autoscan-80 for at least 12 years. The battery charge is completed automatically when connected to 220V.

In all cases, we have achieved good results in the stability of the robot, and have also significantly improved the accuracy of the products that lie on the surface of the package, as the surface is matte, the accuracy is +-1mm, the surface is glossy +-2mm, accurate there is a significant increase in the volume between type 2-5g. With this, the reliability of the structure also moved to a new level.

The new version has two modes for selecting weight and dimensions, manual mode and automatic mode. In the manual mode, the operator presses a button to measure the current package; in the automatic mode, when a new package is placed on the platform, the measurement is carried out automatically. All information is displayed on a colorful 5-inch touch screen. Below you can clearly see the working interface on the screen:

After all the packaging has been completed, the data is transferred via Bluetooth or USB cord to the serial port of the computer for COM1 or COM2, then the data can be collected directly from the port or through our software (the software writes all data into the MSQL database Lite, or you can send data to the server via http, as you have 1C and you can collect data from the database or from your server). There is a need for devices in companies that deal with the delivery of goods, in warehouses, online stores, etc.

Our enterprise is engaged in the production, sale and support of this device. We provide a 12 month warranty on our products, as well as post-warranty service and support. Standard models are packaged with a maximum package size of 800x800x800mm, since package dimensions are larger than standard ones, we can produce devices according to the technical specifications of the locksmith.


– significantly increases the productivity of active workers;
– does not require wires to connect to a computer, all data is transferred to the PC via bluetooth, USB, WiFi;
– takes into account restrictions (human factor) when entering information into the database;
– allows you to control the charges of transport companies for the transportation of goods;
– allows you to create a database and enter the appearance of the goods in the warehouse;
– a cost-free update of the software for the PC and the same one will be added;
– created a source of uninterrupted life;
– selection of clear materials at the time of production;
– high speed and precision;
– the ability to connect a drone or drone-free barcode scanner.


Model: AS-50; AS-80;
Maximum distance that aligns along the axis: 500mm; 800mm;
Maximum size of shrink-wrapped packaging: 500x500x500mm; 800x800x800mm;
Minimal alignment along the skin axis: 30mm; 30mm;
Dimming accuracy: +-2mm; +-2mm;
Autonomous robot with battery (optional): up to 12 years; up to 12 years;
Life voltage: 220V; 220V;
Maximum value: 20kg; 50kg;
Data transfer interface: Bluetooth, USB, WiFi, Ethernet, RS-485; Bluetooth, USB, WiFi, Ethernet, RS-485;
Device support: Barcode scanner, battery; Barcode scanner, battery;
Software, OS: Windows XP is the same; Windows XP is the same;
Information displayed on the display: Devage, width, height, size, volume, barcode, connection interfaces, row information; Devage, width, height, size, volume, barcode, connection interfaces, row information;
I’ll add a vaga: 10kg; 15kg;
Overall dimensions: 700х650х200 mm; 1030х970х200 mm;
Warranty: 12 months; 12 months;


The sealed packaging is placed with one of its parts on the coordinates (Fig. 1), for the strength of the design, a transfer edge made of stainless steel is installed. The sensors move up to the walls of the packaging from the skin in three axes. The dimensions of the package along the skin axis are calculated using the following formula:
Size = Stand up to the beginning of the coordinates – Stand exactly up to the wallof the package.

Drawing 1 – arrangement of sensors and coordinate axes.

Data from all sensors goes to the controller, which carries out the calculation operations, after processing the data, the information goes to the display of the device itself and to the PC via USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, RS-485, Bluetooth module. To connect the device to a PC, our security program must be installed on the computer and the WINDOWS operating system must be installed. Devices can transmit the following data: device ID, barcode, length, width, height, volume and packaging weight. Information is displayed both on the PC and on the LCD screen of the device itself.

Our company can prepare devices for your technical data, develop software for synchronizing the device with your database. The preparation of the product for individual skin problems will be thoroughly processed. We will be happy to work with you!

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Warranty for products and services:
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Guarantee for Gerkon meters: 18 months;
Guarantee for Herkon measurements: 36 months;
Other Warranty: 12 months;
Warranty for the installation works of the TRK connection: 18 months;
The manufacturer guarantees the preservation, free replacement or repair of parts and components of the column that have failed due to the fault of the manufacturer, subject to the rules of transportation, storage and operation.

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