Level gauges for gas stations SYW-A Reed switch

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For LPG gas
Gasoline, DT

We offer to your attention magnetostrictive level gauges for measuring the level of fuel, density, temperature and the level of submersible water in tanks at gas stations and oil depots, with the followingdata transfer to SFS or your database. We give a 3-year warranty on all our level meters and a full package of certificates for module B and F, so the quality of our level meters is at a very high level, in addition, we are developers of software and electronic part of level meters, you will get the best technical support in Ukraine, while at any moment, you can modify the software to meet the needs of your enterprise. It is possible to connect the customer’s float level gauges of any manufacturer to our software.

It is important to know! We not only sell tiers, but also provide a full range of services for installing, connecting and configuring data transfer software. Therefore, our clients receive full support from the purchase to the commissioning of the facility.

Our organization can install level meters throughout the territory of Ukraine, we have all permits and certificates for this type of work. Spare parts are available, and in case of damage to the level gauge, we will be able to repair it or provide components for independent replacement.

How does it work? All data on the remaining fuel level in the tanks are transferred to the device that receives data from each level gauge, then our online software processes all the received data and forms a database where it places all the received values ​​from the level gauges.

After that, our level meter management console transfers all data to our intermediate server located on the Internet, the server receives the information and by means of API transfers it to your accounting computer, which has special software installed that receives data and generates reports for the SFS, mandatory the condition is that the computer must be connected to the Internet.

At any time, you can generate reports on the consumption and arrival of fuel in the tank for any period of time, as well as reports from flow meters or fuel dispensers. If your gas station is of commercial purpose, then the data from the flow meters is transmitted through the cash register.

The leveler can be installed in any operating tank, while there is no need to stop the gas station.

The fuel level sensor in the tank allows:

      • Monitor the actual intake and consumption of fuel from the tanks.
      • Send data to the accounting computer for generating reports.
      • Transfer data to the Federal Tax Service.
      • Detailed information on the beginning and end of the shift.
      • Control the amount of minimum fuel remaining for timely ordering of a new batch and determining the amount of required fuel.
      • Find a fuel leak from the tank.

The volume is measured by calculating the measured liquid level according to the calibration tables of the tank. Each tank’s calibration chart is entered into our software, it is very important to know that the quality of your calibration chart will determine the accuracy of the fuel readings in the tank. At the same time, the measurement error of the level gauge itself is in the range of ±0.5 mm. You can connect up to 16 tanks to the system at the same time, monitor the entire fleet of tanks online in one program.


fuel leak alarm beep or in the application of your mobile phone or computer
track fuel readings on your mobile phone or computer application
tracking fuel dispenser readings on your mobile phone or computer application
automatic tank calibration is carried out through fuel dispensers that produce fuel from this tank
data transfer to the accounting department through our server data will be transferred to the accounting computer in the Medoc application.



Types of measured liquids water, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, oil, LPG gas
Measurement sensors product level, sub-product water, fuel density, 5 sensors along the entire length of the level to measure the average temperature
Excess pressure in the container, no more -0.015 to 0.2MPa, 2MPa for gas
Display measurement information computer, LCD touch panel Gerkon (console)
Accuracy of product measurement level, mm ±0.5
Accuracy of temperature measurements, С ±0.2
The response time of the signal from the level meter, juice 1
Explosion protection level II 1G Ex ia IIB T4 Ga IP67
Certificate module B UA.TR.006.B.77801-20 X
Minimum bottom level of the product, mm 100
Minimum bottom water level, mm 15
Length of level, m from 0.6m-4.0m
Data exchange protocol RS-485
Supply voltage, V 24
Protection level IP67
Level material 1Cr18Ni9Ti
Control cable 4-housing with a screen (4×0.5mm)
Level material 1Cr18Ni9Ti
Distance from the measuring part to the reading devices, m 1200
Sending by Nova Poshta:
Delivery Type: Delivery to branch: Delivery Address: Money transfer:
Shipping cost: from UAH 70; delivery cost + UAH 35; delivery cost + 2% of the order cost + UAH 20;
Storage up to 30 days: The first 7 calendar days are FREE; From the 8th day - from UAH 10/day;
Self-delivery of goods:
Pick-up of goods is carried out at the address: Zaporizhia, st. Factory, 80/3; It is possible to pick up the goods on weekdays from 08:00 to 17:00;
General terms of payment:
Payment for legal entities. persons: To the bank account of the enterprise with VAT; Payment via new mail;
Payment for physical. persons: To the company's bank account; On the card; Cash; Payment via new mail;
Warranty for products and services:
Guarantee for Gerkon fuel dispensers: 18 months;
Guarantee for Gerkon meters: 18 months;
Guarantee for Herkon measurements: 36 months;
Other Warranty: 12 months;
Warranty for the installation works of the TRK connection: 18 months;
The manufacturer guarantees the preservation, free replacement or repair of parts and components of the column that have failed due to the fault of the manufacturer, subject to the rules of transportation, storage and operation.

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