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The maximum measured distance along the axis is 700mm, the minimum distance along each axis is 5mm, the measurement accuracy is +-5mm, max. the size of the measured package is 600x500x700mm, the weight of the device is 10kg, the dimensions of the desktop are 600x500mm

Attention! This model is discontinued, new model AutoScan-80 is available at the link.

Automatic volume and weight measurement system further (device) designed for automatic measurement of package volume and weight, after the package has been measured, the obtained data can be transferred automatically to any customer database systems for further processing and use , while there is no need to enter the information again, it will already be saved. It is used in companies engaged in the delivery of goods, in warehouses, online stores, etc.

Our company is engaged in the production, sale and support of this device. We provide a 12-month warranty on our products, as well as post-warranty service and support. Standard models are designed for maximum package sizes of 500x600x700mm, if the dimensions of the package are larger than standard, we can manufacture the device to order according to the customer’s specifications.


– significantly increases the productivity of employees;
– does not require wires to connect to a computer, all data is transferred to the PC via Bluetooth;
– eliminates errors (human factor) when entering information into the database;
– allows you to control invoices from transport companies for transported goods;
– makes it possible to create a database in a short period of time and enter the inventory of goods in the warehouse;
– free software update for the PC and the device itself;
– there is a built-in uninterruptible power supply;
– use of quality materials during production;
– high speed and accuracy of measurements;
– the possibility of connecting a wired or wireless barcode scanner.


Maximum measured distance along the axis, mm 700
Minimum measured distance along each axis, mm 5
Measurement accuracy, +- mm 5
The maximum size of the measured package, mm 600x500x700
Supply voltage, 220
Maximum measured weight, kg 250
Data interface Bluetooth
Device Support Barcode Scanner
Software, OS Windows XP and above
Display information on the display Length, width, height, weight, volume, density
Weight of the device, kg 5-15


The measured package is placed with one of its corners at the origin of the coordinates (Fig. 1), for the convenience of the device design, a stainless steel edge is provided. The sensors measure the distance to the package walls from each of the three axes. The dimensions of the package from each axis are calculated according to the following formula:

Size = Distance to the origin – Current distance to the wall of the package.

alt =”” width=”640″ height=”640″ />

Figure 1 – location of sensors and coordinate axes.

Data from all sensors are sent to the controller, which performs computational operations, after data processing, the information is sent to the display of the device itself and to the PC via the Bluetooth module. To connect the device to a PC, the computer must have a Bluetooth module and the WINDOWS operating system installed. The device can transmit such data as: length, width, height, volume and weight of the package. The information is displayed both on the PC and on the LCD screen of the device itself.

Our company has the ability to manufacture a device according to your specifications, develop software for synchronizing the device with your database. The cost of production in each individual case is calculated separately. We will be glad to cooperate with you!

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