Complex for grading KPR10-01 tanks


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1. Description and operation of the complex.

1.1. Purpose of the complex.

The complex is designed for the calibration of tanks by the volumetric method and the calibration of tanker trucks. The complex is designed for operation at temperatures from 0º to + 50º C with humidity from 30% to 100%.

Technical characteristics are given in table 1.

Table 1.

1. Nominal average consumption when working on 200-liter meters, m³/h. 8-10
2. Minimum dispensing dose, dm³ 1
3. Nominal accuracy of filtration, μm, no more 60
4. Limits of the main relative error at ambient temperature (20 ± 5) ºС, relative air humidity (30-80)% and atmospheric pressure (630-800 mm Hg), % no more 0.1
5. Estimated margin of error under conditions other than those specified above 0.2
6. Diameter of suction sleeve 65
7. Diameter of pressure sleeve 40
8. Pressure in pressure sleeve, kg/cm² 1.8
9. Total power consumption, kW 6
10. Weight, no more, kg 500
11. Dimensions 2600 x 1500 x 1400

1.2. The complex consists of:

a) Measuring part made on gauges

– two combined reference measuring devices hold 50 dm³, 150 dm³,
– one technical meter with a total capacity of 10 dm³,

b) Hydraulic part consisting of:

– two pumping units,
– pipelines with shut-off fittings.

c) Pneumatic part in the composition:

– compressor,
– pipelines, shut-off fittings.

d) Control automation

– a laptop,
– control cabinets.

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